Monday, November 24, 2008


This is a 24-foot, 2-ton steel & fiberglass "Sforza Horse" outside the Tech Museum of Innovation in downtown San Jose. It is part of the "Leonardo da Vinci:500 Years into the Future" exhibit. Leonardo designed the horse as a gift to Ludovico il Moro to memorialize his father, Francesco Sforza, who was the Duke of Milan in the 1400's.

A few 5th graders from a local elementary school decided to nickname the horse "Ambrogio".

I will be out of town for the next week. I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate this holiday.

- Karen


dot said...

The horse is beautiful. There must be a parade going on as everyone seems to be lined up and looking in the other direction.
Hope you have a great Thanksgiving holiday!

Lilli & Nevada said...

Magnificent, great history too.
I do hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine will be very quite, no cooking this yr.

Jim Klenke said...

WOW, thats huge. I hope you have a great holiday.

photowannabe said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too Karen.
This is a magnificient horse. I had no idea it was so large.

Me-Me King said...

Great post, I envy your travels. Have a nice holiday.

Isadora said...

Very handsome creature. :) You know what popped in my head immediately? Troy and the wooden horse.

Neva said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you Karen...hope you have a great seem to traveling quite a bit...lucky you!