Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cheonggyecheon Stream

The Cheonggyecheon Stream flows East-West through downtown Seoul. In 2005, the government spent $900M restoring the area. This place is very popular with tourists and I stumbled onto it by accident.

I descended the stairs to get a closer look further down the stream. It was quite an intriguing place to be at such a peacefully and lush place, yet surrounded by skyscrapers and a busy city life.

I thought this little stream and corkscrew structure were quite interesting. I wonder how many tourists didn't see the water and stepped into it.

This placard by the stream tells visitors about its history. Click on the photo if you are interested in reading it.

- Karen


Lynette said...

Wow. That is such a neat looking place. I know you were so glad to have happened upon it.

About my seats for Emmylou, all of the Zoo Concerts are first come, first served, in this grassy amphitheater-like space. I used my zoom lens for the photos and walked down front to stand at the back of a big crowd of folks in front of the stage. I did that for all five concerts I attended during the summer.

dot said...

This is really a fascinating city! I'm enjoying the pictures.