Sunday, April 20, 2008

Walking to the Sky

100 ft. stainless steel pole at a 75 degree angle.

Here is a view from a different angle

Also part of the sculpture are these characters looking up at the pole

During my Dallas trip, I visited the Nasher Sculpture Center and discovered this unique artwork by Jonathan Borofsky called Walking to the Sky. I think the artist was trying to convey "a celebration of the human potential for discovering who we are and where we need to go."

It was originally displayed at New York's Rockefeller Center before moving to the Nasher Sculpture Center. A copy of this sculpture is also at Pittsurgh's Carnegie Mellon University where Borofsky is an alumnus.

- AV


Lara said...

so interesting! they had some "people" climbing the MUMOK in MuseumsQuartier in Vienna too - that was so weird :)!

Andrea said...

I was hoping those were sculptures instead of real people walking on that to the sky. That is a very unique piece of art.

Hope you enjoy your Sunday. It is a beautiful day in Georgia.

dot said...

Oh these are just great! I couldn't believe my eyes. I love the unique things you always show.

Alan said...

Just makes me think of that game in "The Price is Right" where the mountainclimber moves up the slope and falls off the end... :)

Lynette said...

What wonderful sculptures with thought-provoking meanings you have photographed to share with us--thank you.

AVCr8teur said...

Thank you for all your comments! I have to agree that this one is quite a unique sculpture. Who thinks of these things???

Alan: I know exactly which game in the Price is Right you are referring to. Now I have that yodeling stuck in my head. Haha!

kRiZcPEc said...

...sculpture, no wonder they move in such an unreal way. Thanks for sharing anyway.

kml said...

That is some sculpture - and to think the artist even made people looking up at it. Cool!