Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Random Photos from Vegas

Overhead walkway looking southbound on "The Strip" between the Bellagio and Bally's.

Margarita sign inside the new PH (Planet Hollywood).

I was staying at Bally's and here I was wondering why the view from my window has been obstructed.

Tons of people at the MGM Grand's Lion Habitat watching lions chewing on rawhide.

I can almost hear these slot machines weeping as they have outlived their usefulness and getting ready to be put in storage.

Caught this with a camera phone of a casino employee cleaning the car someone could win as a jackpot.

- AV


Sue said...

Wonderful photos! We've stayed in Paris many times. On one trip we arrived late and were given a suite because they were full! It was wonderful! As large as some homes but with maid service. We haven't been to Vegas in over a year. It must be time for another trip. Thanks for sharing yours.

AVCr8teur said...

Sue, that's customer service! I would love personal maid service although I would prefer a personal masseuse. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice shots, AV, hope you'll had a good time (despite the HEAT)!

AVCr8teur said...

Thanks Big Scott. I usually go to Vegas during the winter when it's nice and tolerable. I definitely didn't travel outside as much this time around.

Travel Betty said...

Ooooh, I LOVE me some Vegas! Your pics are great too. We just went in February and stayed at the Luxor. Much nicer weather, but like you, I've been in the summer as well. HOT!! Glad you had fun.

AVCr8teur said...

Hi Betty, Thanks for dropping by. Never stayed at Luxor before. Do the rooms have tilted walls because of the pyramid shaped building? Haha!