Monday, May 21, 2007

Only in San Francisco

I went with some friends this Sunday to the world famous Bay to Breakers race. This is an annual 7.5 miles run/walk "race" across town. Actually, I should call it an annual anything goes party for 60,000 attendees. Mobile bars broke out every few blocks handing out free booze to runners or walkers alike. People streamed from their houses and made impromptu bar stands for passers-by. Bands setup every few blocks blaring our their tunes.

Every costume or lack their of you can imagine was probably present. What I mean is the naked men & women who love to show off their bodies in public. They were a sight not to see! Hahaha!

I love the Salmon Centipede where they run from the Finish Line to the Starting Line every year. It's their simulation of salmon swimming upstream. There were the gorillas chasing the bananas centipede.

How did I do? This was my 2nd time walking. I did about the same as last year 2:50 versus 2.48 this year.

- AV


Anonymous said...

Great shots, AV! I heard about the Bay to Breakers race last year when I was living in the bay area but I did not attend. Looks like a blast out there though, huh (kind of reminds me of Mardi Gras down in New Orleans).

AVCr8teur said...

Thanks Big Scott. It was fun and the city's 96th annual race/party. I wonder how the race ended being so wacky.