Friday, September 07, 2007

Airline TV and Atlanta Airport

Individual airline television with credit card slot

Ceiling of the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in the baggage claim area

Here's some photos I took with my camera phone.

Frontier Airlines have individiual television screens for each passenger, but in order to watch 25 channels of satellite tv or a movie channel, you'll have to slide in your credit card.

Does anyone what's up with the large ant sculptures on the ceiling of Atlanta's airport? It definitely is a conversation piece.

- AV


Anonymous said...

Frontier airlines sounds like a great flight! And, those ants look pretty spooky, just like those HUGE spiders you guys just caught!

AVCr8teur said...

Hey Scott, the tv is pretty cool, but it was turned off after the plane takes off unless you slide in your credit card. Luckily those ants aren't real.

Anonymous said...

I live in Atlanta and I LOVE flying in fact for spring break I'm flying to Oregon. I used to be freaked out by those ants. I'm not anymore but I never really understood. Maybe Atlanta should be named Antlanta.