Saturday, May 05, 2007

Going Across the Bay

I had to go across the Golden Gate Bridge today for an event. And, for those of you that have never crossed it, here you go. As you can see, there are no barriers between on-coming traffic which makes driving very dangerous.

It was a beautiful day and lots of people were walking and biking along the bridge. I never had the pleasure of doing either here.

The 2nd photo is waiting to pay toll after going over the bridge. It's always exciting driving across this world famous bridge, but one thing I dread is paying the $5 toll.

Have a nice remainder of your weekend.

- AV


Wander said...

Just wanted to return your vist to my site and say Hi from Arkansas and thanks for stopping by.
I haven't ever been to California and I don't know that I'd want to drive across that bridge myself. Thanks for posting it.

AVCR8TEUR said...

Hi Wander, Thanks for stopping by as well. I've never been to Arkansas, but glad to have met you.

- AV

BIG scott said...

Beautiful shots, AV!

Yeah, that toll has gone up since I moved a couple of months back. So, too, did the other bay bridge toll.

AVCR8TEUR said...

Thanks Big Scott! I would've sent you the shot for your blog, but I didn't think it was good enough from a camera phone. All tolls are $4 now with the exception of the GGB.

BIG scott said...

No worries, AV, whenever you want to toss me some images, we are always more than happy to have them on our Wallhogs blog. Regardless of quality, if it's on the BIG blog, it's BIG art, AV. Take care, see you around.

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

I've been across that bridge. The view from the other side is breathtaking. I ABSOLUTELY love San Francisco and the surrounding area. I hope to get to visit again someday. It is beautiful.

AVCR8TEUR said...

Dana, the view is breathtaking especially on a sunny day, but the parking at the vista points are crazy.