Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kenting National Park

Our tour bus arrives at the entrance to the park located on the southern end of Taiwan.

A portion of the park's hike involves stairs.

How many people have seen expensive polished marble tables & chairs at a park?
And, this is not the only set in the park.

Watch out for hazards along the way.
Are centipedes dangerous or do they not want hikers to step on them?

A sign describes this as an autumn maple tree over 300 years old and almost 49 ft. tall (15m).

A greenhouse inside the park allows for beautiful flowers and orchids to grow year round.

An 88 ft. (27m) viewing tower sits close to the middle of the park. You can go to the top by elevator or stairs.

At the top, your eyes will most likely focus on the lush forest below and this large structure called Mt. Dajiashih.

In my last post you saw the Cat Rock. Here, you can see the 200 ft. tall (61m) Frog Rock.

Or, if you see the trees start moving below, it will most likely be from one of the many Formosan Rock Monkeys living in the area.
They like to eat the berries in the trees as well as tender leaves, insects, and bird eggs.

- Karen


Jenny Woolf said...

What an amazing park. I love the views, but what really caught my imagination is the marble seats and the stairs - indoor things in an outdoor park.

AVCr8teur said...

Jenny: Good point, I didn't think about those things being indoors and stand up to the weather.

rainfield61 said...

The dangerous list may go on if we would like to.

Then, we have to stay at home.

lina said...

I guess those are the giant centipedes that visitors need be wary of? xD

coco said...

Good place but I'm worried about the snakes.

La Principessa Errante said...

Absolutely fascinating. The monkeys would be really cool to come upon, but a polished marble picnic table - WOW!

Anonymous said...

Great series, I love the Formosan Rock Monkey!

Mirelon D said...

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Life Ramblings said...

such a peaceful and beautiful setting. i love those polished marbles.

Jana said...

this place looks great, I had to laugh when I saw the sign (very unusual for Europe); love the wild nature beauty! thank you for the trip...+happy weekend!

Emm said...

What gorgeous photos! I love national parks and seeing such gorgeous greenery.

I learned in the national history museum last month that centipedes are horrible, nasty creatures! They are carnivores and do bite people and their bites can make you feel pretty yuck for a long time. They also like to bite young children who suffer a lot more with their bites. (And yes, the very first place I head to at the museum is the bug section, I love it!)

kulasa said...

I loved the virtual favorite shot is that of the monkey...lovely park indeed...