Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wow, What a Gutsy Ride!

Just when I kiddingly said, wouldn't it be interesting to see a wingwalker at this air show when Teresa Stokes jumps out and does her fearless acrobatics in mid-flight.
Here she is leaving her seat and walking onto the wing.
You will have to click on the photo to get a larger image. I really wished I had a longer lens. :)

Held in place just with a lap belt.

Teresa's been doing this since 1988 and the last time I rode a rollercoaster was years ago. I am sure my piddly 2 minute amusement park ride pales in comparison to what she is feeling in this photo.

More mid-air acrobatics

As if standing on her feet wasn't hard enough, here she is standing on her head.

Teresa takes a much deserved victory lap to a cheering crowd.

To read more about Teresa, click here.
Also, I got to give credit to Gene Soucy for his skillful flying. He had some colossal responsibilities!

- Karen


Adrian LaRoque said...

Very good Karen, amazing shots!

Summer said...

Awesome! You really did a great shots! =D And thanks for sharing it to us. Teresa is so amazing!

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RuneE said...

Impressive - both stunt and photography!

PS I have stopped riding roller coasters years ago... :-)

AJ said...

glad to hop here from Jay!

i enjoyed the shots, and was kind of shock to see the acrobatic as a woman!..

whew..! right back.

rgds out there. :)

Jim K said...

What an awesome dare devil. These are fantastic shots.

Ackworth born said...

phew I'm feeling dizzy just looking at your pics.

Theresa said...

You got some great shots there! I can only imagine how exciting that would be though but I'm sure I'd be too nervous to find out.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Fantastic shots and very brave woman I must say.

betchai said...

wow, she is one brave woman, bravo to her! and your shots are amazing, love them!

Solo said...

Oh my! She's unbelievable. I can't imagine my self standing there.. *^*

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dot said...

Brave lady. Really nice photography!!