Monday, February 16, 2009

Where Dreams Come True

Entrance to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida which houses half-a-dozen theme parks.

With only one available day in the area, we decided to visit Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park which used to be called MGM Studios. This 122 feet tall Sorcerer's hat is at the center of the park.

Although we were there off-season, I was happy to see the economy did not deter people from visiting the park. Our 1-day admission price was almost US$80 per person.

- Karen


Lynette said...

When scrolling down, I read the headline and thought immediately, it's one of the Disney parks. I love that sorcerer's hat photo! My younger son Leland is 30--he was five the only time we've ever been to Orlando. We went to Disney World, Epcot, and Cypress Gardens. Lots to see and lots of fun.

RuneE said...

You should have asked that sorcerer for a few more days! (visited Euro Disney in Paris in 2005)

PS Thank you for the comments! Things are going in the right direction.

Martin MY said...

Very expensive entrance fee for looking at coloured plastic, but then everyone to their own. By the way I am a Disney fan and have been to Hollywood. Pictures tell the story of course.

LR Photography said...

Yeap, even adults have dreams! Great moments here!

Jim Klenke said...

$80 wow, I would liked to back its been years. Neat pics.

I changed my website to it looks like someone has stolen my domain name and Go Daddy and Google seemed to help them.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Makes one wonder who these folks are that can afford to go. Oh well not all things have to stop you can't take your money with you so might as well enjoy it. If i was in the area i sure would go as i love love love Disneyland, never been to Florida.
When my kids were young there grandparents lived only a few miles from the one in Calif and they always had tickets for us to go to make it cheaper.

roentarre said...

Happiness can come from any corner. I find joy in places where it is least expected. At least, the amusement park provides amusement!

Sue said...

I love Disney. We took two of the grandkids last April. If you stay at Disney and buy multi day pass, the cost per day goes way down.

I hope you had fun.

dot said...

I had no idea it would cost so much. I lived in Orlando when they were building Disney. I moved before it opened and have never been able to go back.
Bet you got some great pictures!

Neva said...

I bet you didn't know I used to work at Disney World the first year it opened did you? I still love Mickey.

THAT was my dream job that I should blog about!

AVCr8teur said...

Lynette: You guessed right. I guess "Where Dreams Come True" is synonymous with Disney. Wow, Disney has changed a lot after 25 years.

RuneE: Glad you are okay. I'm sure there are statistics of attendees who have gone to every Disney park around the world.

Martin: Yes, it was expensive, lots of people looking at "happy plastic." :)

Adrian: It's a happy place for kids of all ages.

Jim: It's cheaper to get a multi-day pass, but since we're there for only 1 day, it was our only choice. Glad you got your site back, but sounds like your domain was kidnapped. :(

Lilli: The Disney in Orlando is huge, but my friend says she likes the park in Anaheim better.

Roentarre: Good point! I guess at $80 a person, one better find amusement. :)

Sue: Even with one day, we had a blast. The place exudes fun and joy.

Dot: You were so close, yet so far. I hope you make it out to one of the Disney parks one of these days. I'll be posting a few pictures. :)

Neva: Why doesn't that surprise me. I picked up a Mickey shirt while I was there. I remember my Mickey watch I got when I turned 12, but have no idea where it is now. Yes, I would love to hear about your Disney work experience!

photowannabe said...

Oh, one day just isn't long enough. Glad you could pop in there anyway.